Dosha is the first and only Ayurvedic Café in South Florida which brings healing to your body and  support your spiritual path with sattvic food, no matter what your spiritual path is.

The Ayurvedic food and diet is considered to be the key factor in the field of healing science. A complete source of refreshing energy for the mind, body and soul as a trilogy, rather than simple substitute of proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals.

Dosha Tonic bar brings Ayurvedic organic roots, herbs and spices to give your smoothies a healthy boost.
Vedic Chef,  Sonia Tigero creates  Ayurveda Meals and  is committed to your health and your path to enlightenment with a "no karmic" menu selection.

​​​Connect with the power within!

Sonia Tigero  Ayurvedic Chef 

  Hours of Operations

  Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm

 To order  please call us at  954.612.4888

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 Meal Plans,  Catering services, Ayurvedic            cooking workshops and private Ayurvedic    consultations, call or visit us online at


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