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Wednesday: 6:30pm-12am

Friday: 6:30pm-12am  

Saturday and Sunday for events only!

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​​About Kava

The Kava Lounge brings an amazing natural root drink native to the South Pacific islands. A good alternative to alcohol, its a natural stress and anxiety refile, antidepressant that makes one feel relaxed and uplifted naturally!

Does not impair motor functions, relaxes the body but keeps the mind very alert. Like drinking a massage! We drink it and cheer with a word: BULA!!

Piper Methysticum; commonly known as Kava, is a plant that grows throughout most of the South Pacific Islands. The native people have been drinking infusions of the Kava root for thousands of years. Kava promotes a relaxed atmosphere and mental clarity.

Kava is a natural muscle relaxer. It helps to calm nerves and reduce stress, relaxes sore or over worked muscles, lift spirits and promote sociability. Kava brings natural relaxation that helps ease stress – no need for alcohol or sedatives.


​Connect with the power within!

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